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How old are you?
I have ___________ every morning at 8am.
What do you do?
My mom _________ three times a week.
We haven’t got _________ money.
Peter ________ black, curly hair.
He went to the concert ____________.
He plays soccer, ____?
He __________ never been to London.
When she arrived, he _________________.
My clothes don’t ______ anymore, I need to go shopping.
Has Mr. Dooley arrived _____?
It’s no use ________ to him, he doesn’t listen.
_________ is your house from here?
This house is quite old. It ______ in 1910.
She _________ go to school yesterday.
The guy ________ over there is my brother.
I wish I _________ a car. I would drive everywhere!
If we had left earlier, we ________ been late.
A bustling city ________.

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