En Maple Academy Centro nuestros profesores aman lo que hacen, también están certificados para enseñar el idioma inglés y francés, tienen amplia experiencia docente y están altamente comprometidos con el aprendizaje de todos y cada uno de nuestros alumnos.

Maestra Monica
Maestra Carolina
Maestro Hector
Maestra Nadinne
Maestra Tara
Maestra Yamilet
Maestra Hannah
Maestra Shoshana
Maestra Kimberly
Maestro Issac

Maple Academy Centro is looking for you!

Work in a fun and rewarding field! Interact and network with all kinds of people while you make a significant difference in their lives.

In Maple Academy Centro teachers and back office staff are a key to our success, be part of our team of professionals!

Working at Maple Academy Centro you will have an opportunity to develop as a person, teacher and professional in a variety of fields regardless of your previous experience.

A stable career, respect, continuous training, constant and open feedback are beliefs that make being part of Maple Academy Centro a great experience.

If you are interested in become part of our team, please send your resume to correo electronico